Statistical Astrophysicist

David J. Corliss 


David J Corliss is a statistical astrophysicist specializing in the dynamics of evolving stellar and cosmic populations. He has worked in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, with extensive work in dynamics of evolving populations of car buyers, reporting and visualization, operations research, big data methods, analytic platform design, and statistical methodology.  Continuing astrophysics research part-time, an important focus of his work has been to bring new developments in academic research to industrial and private sector research. He presents regularly at local and national SAS events and other conferences, and is active in the American Statistical Association, serving as President of the Detroit Chapter and on the steering committee of the Conference on Statistical Practice. David Corliss is the Founder and Director of Peace-Work, a volunteer cooperative of statisticians and data scientists providing analytic support for charitable groups and applying statistical methods to issue-driven advocacy in Data For Good projects.

The SAS system has many powerful tools for modeling events that occur over time. This course offers an overview of SAS procedures and processes for time series data and analysis. The course is practical and example driven, emphasizing which procedures to consider and how to apply them in real situations. A quick introduction to each method is followed by two worked examples, with discussion of use cases, options in the SAS procedures, and producing graphical output. This four-part series focuses on time series data and basic analytic methods, including Regression, Lag Models, Time to Event, and forecasting using ARIMA and ARCH/GARCH. The strengths, weaknesses and optimal situations for each method are compared. Both Base SAS capabilities and SAS ETS procedures are described.

All Sessions will be held from 12 - 1:00 PM (with Oct. 20 exception)

Dates:  Thursdays - Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13, Oct. 20*

*PLEASE NOTE:  The Oct 20 session will begin at 11:30 AM ET

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David Corliss Lunch and Learn Series*

  • *Seminar Series - 4 Weeks

    *Seminar Series - 4 Weeks

    Course Outline:

    Session 1: Time Series Data Management
    Time Series Data
    Imputation of Missing Data

    Session 2: Basic Analytic Methods
    Lag Models

    Session 3: Predicting Time to Event
    Survival analysis
    Survival Analysis on Survey Data
    Cox Proportional Hazards

    Session 4: Introduction to Forecasting Methods
    ARIMA Moving Average
    ARIMA - Autoregressive
    ARCH Models

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